Try Tryk

Tryk® is a sustainable sampling tool for rapidly prototyping your sampling process and ending unnecessary waste. The recyclable product comes in helpful formats designed to make presentations and specification easier. Tryk allows you to explore more product options and gets you closer to a final decision faster. 24-48 hour delivery time ensures that you get to spend more time exploring creative options, rather than waiting to have carpet materials produced and delivered. And reduced use of natural resources and generation of landfill waste means that your design workflow can be as eco-conscious as your project.

So, now you are ready to make the smart, sustainable sampling choice. There are two quick and easy ways to request a Tryk for your next project.

Create it

If you are looking for something creative and interactive, there are a number of Tryk powered web tools available for you to explore pattern and color options. Design until you love what you see and then order a Tryk with a click of a button.

Tryk it

Or ask your sales rep at one of the featured manufacturers below to “Tryk” your next sample. You can also contact Dr. Tryk, your resource for all things Tryk, for more information or to request a brochure.

Ask Dr. Tryk
Dr. Tryk is your resource for all things Tryk. His duty is to inform and educate the architecture and design community of the benefits of dematerialized processes. He knows his products backwards and forwards and is available for any questions and concerns that you may have regarding Tryk.

Tryk it: Contact your sales rep from your favorite brands