Sustainable Sampling:

Sustainable sampling tool for carpet and hard surfaces. It's a presentation tool, medium for design, and statement of your dedication to sustainability. Use Tryk to narrow choices or present custom options to a client, while keeping samples out of the landfill and conserving valuable resources. View room scenes without the expense of photography. Brainstorm design ideas with colleagues.

It may one day become another Tryk or concert poster or magazine. Zero oil consumption (1 traditional carpet sample = 1 quart of oil).

24-48 hours (find other reasons to bite your nails) presentation-worthy and more portable than your Blackberry.

File it away instead of tripping over it.

Tips for Tryks:

Light and Color:
Tryk Sustainable Carpet Samples are matched in two kinds of lighting: Cool White Flourescent and Daylight. Your Tryk will look most realistic in its native light source. Ask your sales rep which standard they use in their program.

Ordering Times:
Tryk orders received before 2pm (EST) can ship the same day. Most Tryks are delivered within 24-48 hours.


How is Tryk made?

Tryk Sustainable Carpet Samples are a patent-pending technology that mimics the tufting process, digitally combining yarn, machine and design information to produce realistic carpet images. That’s why you can see and hold facsimilies of products that haven't been manufactured yet.

I’ve never heard of Tryks. Is this for real?

Tricycle®, the creator of Tryk, began in 2002 and has since secured most of the major flooring manufacturers. We’ve also been recognized by quite a few people for our progressive thinking:

NeoCon IIDEX/Canada, 2002 – Gold, Sustainable Design
NeoCon World’s Trade Fair, 2003 – Gold, Technology
INDEX, 2005- Award Finalist for Design to Improve Life (Denmark)
Green Apple, 2005- Environmental Best Practice in North America (UK)
Business Week/ IDSA IDEA, 2006- Gold Award for Eco Design
AIA/ IIDA/ CoreNet, 2006- Global Sustainable Leadership Award
Tennessee Governor's Environmental Stewardship Award, 2007
Business Tennessee Hot 100 List, 2008
Green Good Design Award, 2009

Why can't I print my Tryk? I have a high quality color printer.

Tricycle and select partners exclusively fulfill Tryk orders to ensure you receive the best image possible. Our calibrated environments keep the color matches in Tryk Sustainable Carpet Samples true from the yarn to the printer and are verified by staff before shipping. Due to the variety of printers and papers available at each customer's location, this is the only way we can ensure that our product meets quality standards.

How much do Tryks cost? Do I need a credit account?

Tryks are free to the design community. Each manufacturer pays on your behalf for your Tryk.

Can I recycle it in our office recycling? Are Tryks archival?

Yes! Yes! If you don't like a Tryk, put it in your paper recycle bin. Send corn-based plastic Tryks to your local commercial composting facility. If you do, put it in your files. Tryks will keep their color for at least three years.

What if I forget my username/password?

Send us a note and we'll help you out.

The answers to the next four questions depends upon the carpet manufacturers' program.

Will the manufacturer's sales rep call me about spec'ing their product? How is my account info used?

The manufacturers are often tracking sample orders and will be interested in you if you're interested in their product, so yes there is a possibility that you might get a call. Tricycle does have a privacy policy that ensures your information won't be used for anything but Tryk programs.

Are there size limitations to Tryks I order?

Tryks are available in a variety of sizes and formats though all products are not available on every site. Each manufacturer chooses which products they want to offer. You can see the full range on the products page. Ask your sales rep if there's one you specifically need for a project.

Tryk sizes are roughly based on ARCH paper sizes. They're a little bit smaller, but close enough for you to imagine their size. For example a Tryk Swatch B is 11x17.

How many can I order? Am I limited?

Everything in moderation, right? Some sites allow four. Some have no limit.

Can I have my Tryks sent to multiple addresses or internationally?

It's up to the manufacturer. If it's not an option on their order page at checkout for a manufacturer, then it's not offered for that particular program.

Environmental Information:

For the first round of the design process, Tryk can greatly reduce your environmental impact and can be archived or recycled without the added bulk of a traditional carpet sample. Flip it over and use it to take notes or make a Tryk tree. Or, just feel good knowing that you didn’t send another sample to the landfill or the dark recesses of your office.